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Patient’s Request to Receive Confidential Communications by Alternative Means

Patient’s Request to Receive Confidential Communications by Alternative Means

  • As provided by Privacy Rule Section 164.522(b), I hereby request that ADVANCED FAMILY EYECARE, LLC (the “Practice”) make all communications to me by the alternative means that I have listed below.
  • Mark all written communication to me as follows:

  • I understand and acknowledge that:
    1. This authorization is voluntary and I may refuse to agree to its terms without affecting any of my rights to receive healthcare at the Practice.
    2. This Authorization may be revoked at any time by notifying the Practice in writing at the above address to the attention “Privacy Officer.”
    3. The revocation of this authorization will not have any effect on disclosures occurring prior to the execution of any revocation.
    4. I may see and copy the information described in this form, if I ask for it, and I will get a copy of this form after I sign it.
    5. This form was completely filled in before I signed it and I acknowledge that all of my questions were answered to my satisfaction, that I fully understand this authorization form, and have received an executed copy.
    6. This authorization is valid as of the date I have signed below and shall remain valid until revoked or changed.
  • MM slash DD slash YYYY

At Advanced Family Eyecare, we are taking all precautions to provide a safe and efficient office environment for our patients and staff.

Some of the changes that have been implemented are:

* The ability to fill out all relevant office forms through a secure HIPPA compliant portal before your appointment.

* Check-in will be done remotely in your car via your phone- There will be no waiting in the office- We will have limited appointment booking to assure you will not be waiting long.

* Limited occupancy in office.

* No-touch temperature taking and COVID questionnaire of all persons entering office, including staff, twice a day.

* Masks required for all patients and staff and hand washing stations as well as hand sanitizer available throughout the office.

* Immediate initiating of testing when a patient enters the office.

* Shields for all appropriate equipment for additional protection.

* Disinfection of all rooms and items that may contact a patient after each encounter including all frames in the dispensary.

*Patients are not allowed to be accompanied by family members, with the exception of minors.